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Thorntons 2nd play a pull & PANCAKE on the OLB.

throwing BBZ

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Please, please, please start him over McGlynn.


Thornton was very solid play after play. And he slid to help very quickly. McGlynn should be "available". IMO


Ijalana looked good as a pass blocker, considering, and was kinda dominate as a run blocker.

No question for me Reitz is clearly better as a pass blocker than Castonzo, and good enough as a run blocker.

Yes I would guestimate that Castonzo is likely a top 10 run blocker.


Donald Thomas at Center, Thornton RG, and pick`em Coach, Reitz, Ijalana, Castonzo at LG. Get your best players on the field.

Doesn`t have to occur Immediately.


Cherilus sure looked targetable against the pass rush.

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hes, thornton, a big boy the moves well for his size.  


Yeah, I remember saying a few weeks ago that I thought Thornton would be better as the pull guard because of his footwork and lead blocking ability. Someone else was saying he needs to play RG solely because of his size. Needless to say, I disagreed. I think we got a taste of what he's capable of out in space last night. I think he should play LG and Thomas moved to right, honestly

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