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Colts Vs. Browns Preseason Game Night Thread

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    • I agree with you as long as Rivers is helpful with salary.  That is the only thing I see as an issue with him coming back next year.  We have a lot of moving pieces this off-season so money will be important.  Also, Eason not dressing each game is for sure because we need open spots in other areas I agree with that.  JB to me will go somewhere as a backup and will just float around the league for a few years before he fades away.
    • We are 1-1 with the Titans. Like Magic Johnson said after a lop sided loss to the Bulls, whether you lose by 2 or lose by 20, it still counts as 1 loss. Since we lose the tie-breaker to the Browns anyways, I'd be rooting for the Browns.
    • JB is gone.  Makes no sense to keep him.  I'm assuming that Eason's inactivity on game day has more to do with resource management needed to win each game and we already have a backup.  Its not a reflection on Eason, IMO.   I expect Eason will be the backup next year.   Rivers will come back if he wants to.  I think its Rivers/Eason and probably somebody on PS next year.  I'm fine with that.  I think that we can win with that combo if we upgrade the few holes that need upgrading and the players that we need to step up, step up.  We all know who they are.
    • I hope he can manage to get healthy and stay healthy.  Looks like a good slot receiver and can become an impact for us in space if he stays on the field.  
    • There have been several WRs who were injured their fist year or two and then went on to have productive careers.  Remember Jimmy Smith, the outstanding WR for the Jags?  He was drafted pretty high by the Cowboys, but injuries pretty much took him out his first couple years.  He was cut for refusing to take a pay cut and went on to be an All Pro with Jacksonville.  (didn't have much luck after football though)   All that being said, the Colts need to pick up another WR next season.  Either early in the draft, or if not, a proven vet like Allen Robinson.  This should happen no matter what happens with TY.
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