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Colts Vs. Browns Preseason Game Night Thread

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Welcome back again to Colts Gameday everybody! :) Our Colts will try to go over .500 in their 2013 preseason schedule, and are playing two games in the next six days starting tonight, as they host the visiting Cleveland Browns, featuring Brandon Weeden, and Trent Richardson at LOS.

Don Fischer and Barry Strauss are announcing tonight's game commentary televised live on HD in Indianapolis on WNDY Channel 23. The NFL Network will also replay tonight's Colts/Browns game in the coming week nationally later in the coming week on Monday afternoon at 4:00PM, and early Wednesday Morning at 3:00AM, both Eastern Standard Times.

Bob Lamey and former Colts QB Jim Sorgi are also announcing the live radio game play-by-play and analysis, along with sideline reporter Kevin Lee, simulcast on Colts flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WLHK 97.1FM, and the Colts/Vectren Radio Network.

LOS's roof may be closed for tonight's 7:05PM kickoff, because Mostly Sunny and Clear skies is forecast outside at 84 degrees, feels like 83 degrees, 38% humidity, 10% precipitation, and very mild eastern winds at 5 miles per hour.

Colts are wearing the blue jerseys and white pants for tonight's game, while the Browns are wesring their matching white jerseys and pants.

Both the Colts and Browns are playing a 'mock' regular season game, as tonight will have an impact on who will make the upcoming 53-man regular season roster as all NFL teams must cut down to 75 players by Tuesday afternoon.

NO injuries to both teams, as both teams are playing in the first few series of the game, and GO COLTS!!!! :cheer::jump::excited::blueshoe::helmet::coltslogo::coltshorse::coltsfb::colts::1colts::coltslogo::cheer::D

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    • Fair enough.  My whole point throughout this whole thing is that you are talking semantics, not statistics.  I say Rivers has QBd us to an impressive 7-3 with the last 3 weeks being really rough.  He has been crucial to our success. You say different.   I don't think that the JB situ last year is even remotely similar to the PR situ this year.   You say tomato; I say tomato.  But their is no statistical path to confirming it either way.
    • I can't deny, I've had my moments as well. Lookin' at those Brissett plays... 
    • I think Murray is hurt...I don't care what they say. You could see it in that game. If that is the case...ARI is done as a premier offense and it will be very difficult to take the division from SEA or LAR. Looking at SEA's schedule...I think they finish with 12-13 wins. 
    • Yeah...PIT not being a great team is just wishful thinking IMO. PIT has faced a very easy schedule...but they also haven't lost any games either. They have the highest PD in the NFL. They beat BAL and thumped CLE (Colts lost against both). They also crushed CIN...who the Colts had to eke out a comeback win against.    They have the best defense in the NFL...and while their offense has underperformed (relatively speaking)...it is loaded with talented players...which means it could put up 40+ in any given week. Because of their schedule...there is a chance that they have taken their foot off the pedal in some games...meaning their league-leading 124 PD could be even higher.   I hate 'em. They are hard as hell to beat...and I would prefer to avoid playing January football at Heinz Field. 
    • The great thing about Reich's offense is that the D can't concentrate on taking anyone away.  There are so many players they can feature.  I like featuring Taylor in the fourth Q when we try to wear down their D.   If the D that played in the second half last Sunday shows up, we should take them.   You're right, it's a huge game, basically for the division.  And we still have all tough games to go.  The Raiders are looking good, Steelers, obviously.  And Watson can win games by himself.   But, like we all said at the beginning of the season, we'll roll Jacksonville (lol!).
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