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Rams & ex Eagles ( Quality ) Safety Quintin Mikell agree on on a four-year deal.


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Rams are improving, they are my current pick for NFC West champs next year.

The team I see improving even moreso are those Redskins (who got a the Rams Pro Bowl FS-OJ Atogway)

They haven't went and signed the best big name guy, but a bunch of solid starters. They've started repairing there defensive line, which is always good. They've adress there safety need in OJ, fixed the other corner spot with Josh Wilson, who is very underrated... the list goes on and on. I think if Beck/Grossman can pull off something this team could be very solid next season.

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    • id agree with you if this same type of punishment was also coming for Snyder and Kraft, but me and you both know it’s not.  So the nfl doing this, it comes off more as hypocritical than correcting a mistake.     i agree, you are ABSOLUTELY right about Watson, by why doesn’t the nfl have the same focus on their owners?  I get it, they’re his bosses, but does that exclude sexual assault and other stuff these owners have been accused of?  I mean an owner just got caught tampering, trying to illegally gain an advantage, and also the nfl admitted that he mentioned paying his own coach to lose.  What was his punishment, couple of months, 1 million dollars, and a draft pick.  But Calvin Ridley gets suspended for an entire year for gambling $1500?  Wow
    • I'd be shocked if we kept three QBs on the 53
    • On any given team, the 3rd and 4th string guys are fighting for table scraps.      But this year on the Colts, it should be even harder to take care of our 3/4.    Because both our 1st and 2nd string are new to the team and the playbook.   So both Ryan and Foles need every rep they can get.   They won’t be giving up any of theirs.      So Ehlinger and Coan are going to have to make the best of a difficult situation.   It may not be fair, but in carefully scripted practices there's only so much to go around. 
    • I agree losing Hill is a huge loss. I do think they take a tiny step back, but they could also take a step forward.    Not a bad pass catching group at all...    RB - CEH is a good catching RB, not that he needs it though TE - Kelce - don't need to say anything here   WR - MVS - solid and quality X JuJu - likely does better with Mahomes over Big Ben...  Hardman - productive guy, and should take a step forward now that he's no longer in Hill's shadow Moore - rook, but I like his chances.   A lot of teams would like to have that group
    • Using unit totals of  RB - 60 TE - 55 WR - 135   Keeping things simple, and only including the top 4 TEs on the depth chart.   Note, most of the depth chart chatter has Ogletree over Woods at this point, and climbing..... citing Ogletree's hands and route running as being more advanced.    I'd also add that there's a good chance that Granson is again used in more of a TE/HB/slot hybrid role, than traditional TE. That doesn't guarantee anything though. We've heard reports of shovels in camp (Hybrid use) but also heard reports of corner routes. 
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