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Question of the Day - 08/20 "TWOSDAY TWOFER"

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:blueshoe:   I'm gonna kickoff twoday's "Twosday Twofer" answers:


1.  I'm tempted to name Giants player Aaron Ross (LOL) - but - REGGIE WAYNE had yet another "highlight reel" TD to his Hall of Fame resume - so he is my personal choice !!  :disco: 


2.  Greg Toler - although the entire defense played very well in just their second pre-season game !!  :rock:  

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1. Hilton. Loved Wayne's 2 grabs, but one was VERY LUCKY. Hilton made a nice catch on the sideline with a defender right with him.. Also back of the endzone footwork on the TD was nice


2. Walden. Really liked what he showed. Hope he can get after the QB along with setting the edge

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I was completely impressed with Werner. Constant pressure. He ran well into the backfield for a big man, he hit his lineman with power more than speed when it came to rush. Chased Eli out of the pocket repeatedly.

Walden. Im so glad he got to show off Grigsons intelligence and I hope he does it all season:)

Also Rayford was a force as was Nevis......building a LSU dominance with Nevis, RJF, and Landry., not to mention the Boston College offensive line we now have. Lol not important but still cool that we have multiple players from schools known for certain dominance.

Marshay Green was impressive as well. Looked like another T.Y. Hilton out there with his quick twitch moves. Loved it and cant wait for reg season:)

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:blueshoe:   Enjoy twodays "Twosday Twofer":


1.  Besides the obvious - Andrew Luck - who was the Colts offensive player of the game vs the Giants ??


2.  Who was the Colts defensive player of the game vs the Giants ??  :blueshoe: 

1. Fox sideline analyst Pam Oliver. She took a pregame football right to the face. Now, that is tough. Just Kidding! Who's her agent?  haha Get that woman a Colts uniform ASAP...



2. Nevis is quick for such a big man IMO...

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