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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ N.Y. Giants Preseason Game Night Thread

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Talk about a horseshoe on that last play ! I would be very concerned about that offensive line. Luck could be the new Fran Tarkenton, running for his life.

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    • I dont understand why you would take Lamar over Andrew wheb Lamar isn't even a proven passer. Sure he can run and avoid pressure. But can he pass at an elite level?
    • Yeah Luck did quit on us but he was not over rated.  No knock on Rivers but I wish we had a healthy Luck on this team right now. Sorry, saying he was over rated is pure horse dung. 
    • Well first, I wouldn't play on a football team because I don't like to depend on others. I'm a control freak. Second, I have already said plenty of no1 overall QBs don't win the SB early in their careers. My issue with Luck is how uncompetitive and easily shut down he is Vs the Pats, and the fact that he quit on the team when things finally started getting good with Ballard. He is completely overrated and had little passion for the game. When you're the best prospect since Elway, when does some of the responsiblity go on you to win games? Why does he need a perfect team to win a SB or beat the Pats? Even if the team wasn't good enough and he was outmatched, he quit when he had the tools to win. That erases any credibility that he could of won with better talent. We have better talent now, and Luck wanted nothing to do with us.
    • The Colts scored 24, 22, 20, 7, 27 and 24 with Luck. The 7 was in the AFC Championship game with the SB on the line. We were never competitive and the highest Luck scored Vs the Pats (27) was lower than the Pats worst score Vs us (34). Again, Luck was overrated, and he quit on us. The defense was bad, but he didn't hold up his end either.
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