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Hello fellow Forum Members...


Usually someone gets a group up every year, and we have a Forum Survival League open to all Forum Members. Since the season is nearing, I thought I'd give Andy and others a break, and actually set up and run this league.


Its easy to play, but not simple to go through the whole year without making a wrong pick. You simply pick a team who you think will win for that week. If they win, you get to play again next week, if they lose, you're eliminated. One catch is that once you pick a team, you cannot pick that team again for the rest of the season. The winner will be the last team standing...I thought about making the league 2 and your done, but that kinda takes away from the entire premise.


I was thinking about offering a small prize to the winner of the Survival league...I'll have to think of something appropriate..maybe get a little trophy made up, engraved to the winner, so that they can put it in their football room for display.


I set up a league in yahoo. so that its easier to track if we get a lot of participants. Hopefully, we will have a lot of people sign up and play.


The league name is CFF Survival League..group ID 7173


If you wish to join, please post here, with your team name ( to make it easier on me), and I'll PM you the password..IF you don't hear back from me within 2 days..PM me...If there are a lot of posts, I might miss you...

Remember..this is open to ALL Forum members...even fans of other teams..so Vance, and QuizBoy, you all are welcome to try your survival skills..


So please, if you can, sign up...if you can't, that's ok too...


Thanks for your time..and good luck to all who join..



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I joined your league, and PM'd Andy and Josh to sign up for your league, since they posted to join mine...I'll still offer a prize to the winner...


FORUM MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE..Please join coltswarriors league..since he started it up in the first place...and I missed his post..


Again..I apologize for the inconvenience...


One thing...please post to his thread...that way we can see who all joined...If he wants some help..i'll be glad to help him out...

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