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Commishing a league that's been going on since 2006 with long-time Colts forum members.  


How long-time?  Phil started it.  


Don't know Phil?  You're a whippersnapper.


Anywho, we're changing formats this year and transitioning down from an 18 team league and may need up to 2 more to round out a 12 team league.


Anyone interested?  The only requirements are that only people who have shaken the hand of GSMACK or Phil may join...



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 I was there in 2006 when Phil and GSMack used to talk about water cooler Peyton-Brady conversations left and right going back and forth with JJ & GoPats. The day after the Steelers loss was the first time I decided to join and partake in any Colts forum. The forum has changed formats and members but I am still here with the same screen name.


A bit too late, Bav. I told my wife I won't devote time to more than 3 leagues and I am already in 3 leagues, gotta keep my word!!! :) My little one just started kindergarten and it is fun spending that extra time with family when my work day is over.


Maybe next year you can let me know in June???

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