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Broncos putting Orton on the trading block


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Wow. Know they had been talking about it for a while but I don't see this as a good move at all.

Once they drafted Teabow you knew Orton was gone. They got to move Orton because they have put all their eggs in the Teabow basket.

You put Orton on a team with a good defense and I think he could do pretty good.

If I was the Vikings I would take a hard look at him so you do not have to thrust your rookie in there right away. AD only has so much longer at the level he is playing and you need to capitalize on that. Why waste the next two years throwing away the seasons to break in a young QB?

I think this is a bad idea for the Broncos, but that is because I do not think Teabow has the physical tools to have a great career in this league.

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So Orton gets linked back up with Brandon Marshall? Denver is gonna have a tough time rebuilding after the train wreck that was McDaniels. I hope they get something good for Mr. Orton.

Marshall has a legit QB again, he should be happy. Denver is in shambles, McD destroyed that team. Trading away guys like Marshall, Scheffler, Cutler and Hillis? He knows about the Xs and Os of the game, but knows 0 about management.

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