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For those that can't see the link, it just talks about 25 position battles in the AFC. For us the battles are:


Bradshaw vs Ballard

Walden vs Werner

Hilton vs Heyward Bey ( I presume 2nd WR)


from this, I have 2 questions:


1. who will win these position battles by the time opening day starts?


2. What other position battles will occur at training camp for us? 

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1.  Ballard will start day one, while we rest Bradshaw.

2.  Walden will start in order to establish a "stop the run" attitude, but Werner will see playing time in the first series.

3.  Heyward-Bey will start opposite Wayne with Hilton in the slot.

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I don't think any of those are battles, they'll all play in certain scenarios.

Battles are for the third G and S, fourth WR.


Starting RG, ILB (beside Freeman), NT, maybe 4th CB. Those are the only positions we really don't know what the rotation/hierarchy is just yet.

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Starting RG, ILB (beside Freeman), NT, maybe 4th CB. Those are the only positions we really don't know what the rotation/hierarchy is just yet.

I'd love to see Iljalana win the starting G spot, with Thorton as his backup. Or Thorton with Reitz as the backup.

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Just some thoughts on Kelvin Sheppard from linebacker coach Fitzgerald from a while back:

“What we saw on tape was a guy who could find the football, was able to get down in the box and do some really good physical, attack type of things, both in the blitz game and playing base, taking on blockers and doing that.

“He seemed to have a very good understanding of what the scheme was and where he fit in the run game and what he was able to do coming out of the box.”

Also Brad Wells said Sheppard worked with the 1st team during OTA's (don't know how much truth you can put in brad but it wouldn't had been a surprise if Sheppard was)

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