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Top 25 AFC Position Competitions.... (Colts with Three)

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NFL.com has this story on their website....


The three battles we have on the list are:



Bradshaw vs. Ballard


Hilton vs. Heyward-Bey


Werner vs. Walden




Interesting (though not necessarily surprising....)  no mention of Satele vs. Holmes or Thornton vs. McGlynn



I always think it's interesting and even healthy to find out how the industry that covers you views your team.   Sometimes it's right....  sometimes it's wrong....   but either way,  I think it's good to know...

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Bradshaw vs Ballard - I don't think there is much of a battle. Bradshaw clearly has the history and the numbers to be the starter. The only battle is between Bradshaw and his health. 


Hey Bey vs Hilton - We may see Hilton in the slot a lot more and DHB makes more sense as a #2. He's our new Pierre Garcon IMO ( hopefully with better hands). Both can run after the catch, but we'll see how it shakes out in camp. 


Werner vs Walden - I think and hope Werner gets the job by the end of training camp, but I can see Pagano wanting to rotate them in for different plays/packages. 

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