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Andy's 2013 Fantasy Football Guide


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Here's a link to the fantasy football preview guide I created: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1wOhsNx8JYSi7zI1CdczFgkjycTKCchLiJYRYi97EqaGtPGtru7uaSSeA-O76/edit?usp=sharing (if it doesn't open when you click, right click and click open in new tab)


I hope you guys use it when you're in your fantasy drafts. 

Scoring format is HUGE...     and alters every draft.

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    • I think the issue with Hines has always been that as a runner, he's below average. He can't run between tackles. I think he'd be best as a gadget guy, get him in space, sweeps, motion out of the backfield, motion into the backfield. His best trait is his versatility, I don't think any coach he's had as really tapped into it yet.
    • Woods is a rookie and has been hurt. They've used Granson quite a bit this season, I'd have no issue with his usage. MAC has been kept in to block alot to help out our struggling OL, and MACs routes take a bit of time to develop as he accelerates pretty slow. He's fine once he builds up speed but it takes a while to get off the line from what I see.
    • I think what that poster is saying if you build a team around the QB like KC or Bills wins will come including the division.
    • This is a bit disingenuous imo. Picking up a couple older DTs to rotate through on run downs (let alone run defending NTs) mid season, is exponentially easier than finding quality OL at any point of the year.
    • I think its more obvious than ever. It all makes sense. I don't believe its the scheme or coaching (ready to be flamed). It wouldn't make sense to me, as we had the same coaching last year and blamed our sacks on Wentz (deserved) and had Taylor lead the league in rushing.    I think it breaks down like this:   1: LT & Rg Rookies - the obvious, but rookies are gunna have warts starting out we all know that. I'm glad Saturday has said basically this is his OL for the rest of the year and let the rookies work out the growing pains.   2: Kelly regression - 2nd biggest issue for me. This isn't a one year issue too, his play has declined for the past 2 or 3 years now and its at the point of a problem. Seems to have mentally checked out this year as well.   3. Ryan struggling with protections and identifying pressure - This one surprised me, as a veteran QB I thought he would be much better at this coming over. IMO it has to be him making the calls and not the centre, as if it was the centre, than it probably was last year too, so I don't see how Kelly would have been fine with it forever, than all of a sudden not be able to read and make the correct calls.
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