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Jets vs Ravens Gamenight Thread


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I know this is kind of off topic. I had been reading on this forum forever, but finally decided to join so I can get involved in some of coversations that come along! :)

If your interested you might want to check out the Chat tomorrow night during the Colts Game.

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i probably will, right as i was figuring out the old format, they changed it on me! ahah but i probably will when i get home tomorrow. I would delete it, but cant figure out how to??

I would also like to say welcome :wave:

And, to ask you, what did you want deleted?

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just where i was introuducing myself. I didn't know if this was an appropriate place to do it or not? And thanks! :D

Oh, that's OK. No problem.

We all go a little off topic at times.

There is an introduction thread that you may want to respond to when you have time. It can be found here:


But for now, just carry on in this thread and enjoy the game. :)

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I'm not sure about that last defensive touchdown? it honestly looked like it could've gone either way? what's everyones thoughts on that?

Too close to call. I couldn't tell, but if there is no clear evidence to overturn the call, then the ruling on the field stands even if you cannot determine what really happened on the replay

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I was just thinking that too. I just looked at the time and couldn't believe we weren't at halftime. probably doesn't help with all the penalties, reviews, etc. going on this half. The jets now have all the momemtum.

Not anymore, their offense isn't on the same page, especially the offensive line

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