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Question of the Day - 06/25 "Twosday Twofer"

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1. Yes, I like that he has contests with a large reward


2. I try to follow as much colts players as I can, Mathis, Fleener, AC, Davis, Chapman, Ballard, Walden, Toler, Donald Thomas, RJF, Hugh Thornton, Khaled Holmes, Montori Hughes, Kerwynn Williams, Sheppard, Freeman, Hasselback, DHB, Bethea, Brazill, Butler, Allen, Werner, Landry, and my favourite colts twitter THE PAT MCAFEE SHOW!

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That's a no on both counts. I refuse to use any online technology that can be shortened to twit. Enough of my family calls me that anyway.  haha I don't need followers to confirm that fact. Thank you. 


Twitter is a waste of time to me, but then again, I didn't grow up with it either I guess. 

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1. Absolutely. His contests are great.

2. As many as possible. Pat McAfee is probably my favourite person on Twitter.

Twitter handle is @AidenRudd, would be grateful for a follow. Or not, whatever. I don't need you to love me, you're not my real mum.

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