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Question of the Day - 06/25 "Twosday Twofer"

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1. Yes, I like that he has contests with a large reward


2. I try to follow as much colts players as I can, Mathis, Fleener, AC, Davis, Chapman, Ballard, Walden, Toler, Donald Thomas, RJF, Hugh Thornton, Khaled Holmes, Montori Hughes, Kerwynn Williams, Sheppard, Freeman, Hasselback, DHB, Bethea, Brazill, Butler, Allen, Werner, Landry, and my favourite colts twitter THE PAT MCAFEE SHOW!

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That's a no on both counts. I refuse to use any online technology that can be shortened to twit. Enough of my family calls me that anyway.  haha I don't need followers to confirm that fact. Thank you. 


Twitter is a waste of time to me, but then again, I didn't grow up with it either I guess. 

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1. Absolutely. His contests are great.

2. As many as possible. Pat McAfee is probably my favourite person on Twitter.

Twitter handle is @AidenRudd, would be grateful for a follow. Or not, whatever. I don't need you to love me, you're not my real mum.

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    • Yeah... the newer analytics, if you trust them, by companies like PFF suggest the most valuable positions are the ones most tightly linked to the passing game are the ones that are most valuable ones - meaning, on offense - QB, WR... OT(because they are the hardest OL positions, a lot of one on one pass-protection work) and on defense - CB, EDGE pass-rushers, S... DTs can be valuable too, but they need to have considerable pass-rush production and most of them don't - because the inside is clogged and players get double teamed more easily, etc. The Aaron Donalds of the world are very very rare. I wonder how Buckner grades in their WAR system. He's one of the best interior rushers in the league, but still probably doesn't rank very high when you include all the other positions on the field. I know Aaron Donald' value in their system was about the same as that of an average QB. Just an illustration of how important the QB position is - an average to below average QB gives you the same value as the best interior rusher of this generation. 
    • I would just go with some under the radar guy on a bargain contract... those seem to be the types Ballard goes for. Or someone who was released before FA starts(so it wouldn't count towards compensatory picks formula).   So... I will wait for the cuts to start and pick one of those then... 
    • If the OT class sucked i would be ok with this but it doesn't    Hope we get LT in draft
    • I'm not gonna make excuses for Wentz, but everyone leads in different ways. Peyton was demanding, while Andrew was more nonchalant and dad like. 
    • About 1 hour 21 min into this 2 former teammates of Carson talk about him (FYI, there are a few curse words throughout the podcast):  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/malcolm-jenkins-on-activism-saints-eagles-trash-talking/id1485277290?i=1000510312176   They say he's not a locker room cancer.  He's a nice guy.  He didn't have to be a leader early in Philly - Jenkins says "his rookie year, we just asked him to be a rookie QB rather than be a leader..." essentially they had enough vet leaders.  Chris Long says he never  thought of Wentz as a jerk, but his rookie year and his MVP level year, he never thought about Carson being a leader, just thought "this QB is very good" and essentially that the team of veteran guys and looking back the only thing he could think is Wentz could reach out to guys across the whole team, rather than just producing well on field... says Nick Foles not a great QB, but Foles had a magnetism about him that made him appear like the leader of that SB team when Carson went down.  
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