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Question of the Day - 06/07

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Two, what happens from there depends on Wayne's health, his desire to play, the Colts cap situation, how the other WRs are progressing, and of course his production.  Reggie has never really had a major injury so his body doesn't have as much wear and tear on it as other players who have and are his age.  If Reggie can keep avoiding those injuries and he wants to keep playing it's possible Reggie could keep playing for several more years. 

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1 or 2. I wonder what he thinks about changing offenses again this late in his career. Could be a deciding factor. :dunno:

He's been on the record as saying he doesn't like it but he understands it's part of the business there was zero to indicate it would encourage him to retire. 

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I think he plays out the end of this contract and retires.  He might not make it to the end of this contract, if he comes out and shows he has very little left in the tank this season, he could retire before next season.  

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