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Ahmad Bradshaw visiting Colts/Colts now in 'heavy negotiations' with Bradshaw again. (merge)

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that's surprising, I didn't think that was the case



He seemed to disappear when he signed with SF in 2012. Less than 10 carries , but had a decent 2011 with he Giants and was a good back previous to that.

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yea, he has that disappearing act thing going doesn't he



Signing with SF made no sense when it happened and proved to be even "lamer" than it looked when it happened.

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    • Baltimore gave really good fight but looks like they will fall short. Colts will have a game up now on the ravens and raiders.   The colts and Steelers offense looks a lot alike. Short passes with the occasional chunk play of pass down field. Big Ben and Rivers and the same point in their careers look a lot alike. Even Ben through a bone headed int. Get pressure on him and you can rattle him like Rivers. Steelers have to be the quietest undefeated team I have seen.
    • Agreed. With that said I am not stopping from being apprehensive about his future.  He is young and talented so IMO it's way too early in his career to write him off. 
    • I hear ya. I feel the same way.    as for rivers who knows. I’d be more than happy if he took 20 vs 25, I mean that very well could be a solid CB pick up this coming off season if teams have to cut a lot of players. We’re talking 1/3 of the league over the cap if 176 holds. Plus several more teams just barely under it. 5 million may even be a good CB pick up. There’s a really good chance that salaries, even cheap 1 year deals become the norm for 2021. If a young player has to chose between taking 5 million due to this for a year, vs taking nothing at all, he’s gonna go for the 5 million.    if that makes sense. 
    • The nomination for the most over dramatic, over written piece of garbage goes to......   What a dumpster fire.     
    • Possibly, but what constitutes a lower salary?   $20m is $5m cheaper, but doesn't help all that much.   Even if by some chance he took $15m, things are still tight. Would definitely help to have $10m extra.    At this point of his career, does he just say, $15m isnt worth it, Im going to spend time with my family.     I cant wait for the off-season, it is almost on the same level as the season for me. I love it.
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