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Ahmad Bradshaw visiting Colts/Colts now in 'heavy negotiations' with Bradshaw again. (merge)


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    • I assumed they would be bad that division has consistently been a bad division for years. They have had multiple division winners at 8-8. If they were 17-5 that would be surprising. GIants and WFT have been bad for the last 3 years. and the Cowboys arent as good as everyone always likes to act
    • agree to disagree. if yu cant see franks play calling & offensive philosophy doesn't put his team en advantageous positions to even look successful, i can t help you i'm understand. franks play calling and personnel packages actually help the defense stop the offense.    but yea frank's awesome lol top of his class
    • I feel like we get spoiled by some of our recent defensive picks them seemingly are and look like studs "Leonard, Okereke, Blackmon" that if we get a guy who's just "solid" some of us are upset.    Personally I'm neither high or low on him. I think he's fine, I don't think he'll ever be a true #1 CB, but I think he can be a really solid #2 Outside guy.
    • thats not true , when the run game got stuffed against the falcons and the texans last year jacoby throw over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns .  frank held jacoby back by calling short passes and 40 runs a game.
    • I don't worry too much about Henry, but if their OL gives him space he'll be very productive. So still, it's about run fits. If you don't let him get going, our defense will be okay against him. We gang tackle, there's always five guys at the ball carrier by the time he goes down (which is why Rock's penalty was so bad, just wrap up and wait for the help), we'll fly to Henry. I'm more worried about the bootleg, which Baker hurt us with.   I'm excited for the Ravens game. That will be a good test. Lamar is still a limited passer. Very talented, he can make some insane throws, but he's not consistent and will have some shaky plays here and there. We'll have to be disciplined to contain their offense. They didn't let Burrow run at all yesterday.
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