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Ahmad Bradshaw visiting Colts/Colts now in 'heavy negotiations' with Bradshaw again. (merge)


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    • Using Mahomes as an example is kinda an exercise in futility.  Of course you trade multiple picks for the best QB in the game.  I would give up 3 first round and two 2nds for Mahomes and a third any day of the week. That trade is the exception and not the rule.  The real expectation level should be set at what should we do for a QB like Matt Ryan, D Watson or Matt Stafford.  All three are good solid QBs but not in the conversation as the best.  This is most likely the ceiling of whatever QB we would get.  You can build teams around them and compete in the playoffs but if you miss on other parts of the roster it can make you miss the playoffs.     I would not trade more than two first round picks to move up for a QB of this caliber.  They aren’t good enough to overcome multiple deficiencies on a team.  They are good enough to take an average team and put them in the playoffs tho.  Combine that with a good coaching staff and you have a shot at making a run in the playoffs.  This team has upcoming needs at premium positions: Tackle, DE and corner and we need the draft picks to get replacements to start grooming. Kinda in no mans land right now so something will have to be sacrificed unless we get lucky.  This decision will make or break Ballards career and I’m sure he knows this.  I appreciate his willingness to be patient and search for the right guy.  I hope it pays off and he finds him.  
    • Seriously - who is going to be giving up a 2nd round pick for “an injured tight end on a big contract?”   I mean if he is out 6-8 weeks as suggested, what good would he do a team this year anyway?  And would he not be able to pass the physical until after the trade deadline has passed?   To me the answer to all these questions lie in Philly as in that is where he finishes the season. 
    • I see some talent but nothing that truly blows my dress up.  Nothing that says go ahead and pay the ransoms it will take to get him.    This is really a ridiculous thread anyway - the Giants will not be giving up on Jones just two years in unless they are in position to draft Lawrence or Fields. That won’t happen because they are in the NFC East and will stumble into enough wins to take away that possibility. 
    • That 3rd rounder better be an all-pro, future hall-of-famer to make up for that haul we would hypothetically get if it included Darnold. LOL!
    • It would make Ballard look like a genius 
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