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Little Off Topic, But..


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Anyone else try and buy something off coltsproshop.com lately? Tried to buy a 25.00 hat and they want to charge me 17.98 to SHIP!! That's almost the cost of the hat itself. The shipping cost is rediculous. I want the camo colts hat, and coltspro.com is the only ones that carry it. Mods.. any idea on why so high? Tried customer service and got the run around.

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I don't know.

I bought a Bob Sanders jersey that was on sale last season for $25.00. With the shipping added in it racked up to almost $50.00.

I think I could have driven there and picked it up a lot cheaper even with the cost of gas.

I guess it's the "convenience factor" but shipping costs on everything these days is outrageous imo.

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