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I expect to see our D play their hardest and anything less will be a disappointment. We know how well they can play. I want can to be will, not turn into did.

I wish for that too. But let us face it, our D normally plays better at home with the 12th man behind it. They have more letdowns on the road recently. Going based on that, I do not expect our D to play the same way they did in the Steelers game. Plus, the Bucs' O-line is MUCH better than the Steelers' O-line. We will have to score about 24 points to hang in the game, IMO since I do not personally expect defensive TDs on our side.

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Houston didn’t punt until the second half, around the 9 minute mark of the third quarter if I am not mistaken, this is because they went to a more conservative offensive play calling.

Again give an example of their more conservative play calling. It's easy to say but I'm asking for proof because watching the game they seemed to run the same type of plays but the D just played better.
The Brayton and Anderson reference indicates why Indy had success in stopping the Browns rushing attack, which in my humble opinion is vastly over rated and Hillis had a fluke season.
So is it because of Brayton and Anderson or because the Browns rushing attack was a fluke last year? This sentence is confusing.
That is an indication of how bad Melvin Bullit (Don’t like him period) is and how poor tackling and gap assignments and responsibilities in assignments that are typically missed. Hillis runs a lot of dives between the C/G, where other runners generally have success running at our DE’S.
Umm okay.
The Steelers did not have their 5 normal starters, as that line has not been the same since some time back into last season. They had no other offensive linemen available to play, and Big Ben talked after the game about how they were prepared to use D linemen out there, because the line is so depleted.
They went into the game with 7 oline. The 5 starters are the same that started every game for the Steelers this year. And they did not lose their first lineman until the 3rd quarter (or late 2nd I don't remember exactly), so again, how does that explain the troubles they had in the 1st half?
Think u misquoted me, I didn’t say the Steelers abandoned the pass, they abandoned the run because their line generated no push or clear lanes and their passing attack was more effective.
Didn't mis quote, I just typed pass instead of run (down side of not typing fast). But the rest of the statement is accurate. They didn't abandon the run, it just was not effective the entire game.
Yes, you are absolutely right, there are always factors that affect the game. I am not trying to put a negative spin on the Colt’s and I do not want it to come off that way, I am simply giving a realistic unbiased humble opinion, which is sometimes good to hear. Good call on the next man up, maybe the coaching staff and front office need to evaluate talent more efficiently and play the more talented player and put ego aside.

I'm glad that was your intent but your statements are not really that realistic.
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