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Luck: "I'm 100 percent more comfortable"....

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Not shocking Luck feels more comfortable going forward.  He's spent a year in the NFL already so he knows what to expect now plus he has his old college coach running the offense.  I am sure the offense isn't exactly like what they ran at Stanford but the terminology is probably similar in terms of what they call certain things.  That can only help make him more comfortable.  I think we are going to see growth in Luck in terms of just being more relaxed and knowing what's coming and being able to anticipate things as they happen now.  I was noticing that towards the end of last year.  I don't know what that will translate to in terms of stats but generally speaking the more comfortable you are at something the less likely you are to make a mistake. 

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come on Kenny, they say the 1st step in treatment is you have to admit you have a problem.

Lol my only obsession would probably be How I Met Your Mother.

That is definitely a problem

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Just a reminder for some needed context for this discussion........


Yes,  it's great that Luck feels 100% more comfortable in his 2nd year....


But,  the thing is.....   EVERYONE feels 100% more comfortable in their 2nd year.   That's why coaches and GM's say the most improvement expected from a player is between his first and second year.


It's great that he's on the same page with Pep....   and I expect a different Andrew Luck this season.  But don't read too much into his recent comment because it's not unique to Andrew....   it's what happens with all players....


Just some food for thought....

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