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Werner really sounds like a great guy (video)


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I agree.

The more I watch this kid the more I fall in love with this pick.

Kid is a warrior.. He's like a sponge when it comes to developing and learning this system. Tough as nails too. The sky is the limt for him..

He has some great teaching coaches too.....makes the development even more smooth.  Fitzgerald is one heck of a LB coach.....and of course Pagano.  


Since he will play LB and maybe even with hand down in a 4-3 disguise or 'switch,' Gary Emanuel the DL coach has been FANTASTIC with all of the injuries and newcomers as well.   :coltshelmet:  :coltshelmet: !!

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    • I didn't either, I wasn't impressed with Brady at all in 1st half. We let him off the hook in the 2nd half. Can't turn the ball over against him because he will take advantage of that and he did.
    • I used to have a 2nd residence outside the country in CA. And I have friends in SW FL, and would be down there several times a year. I miss that along with concerts and college games more than most things. I've seen all those you list. Floyd twice too. Started going to concerts in the 7th grade.... snuck out a lot and never got caught lol.. The old spending the night at xxx's...  I'm older, but I still love travel, beach, games, concerts. I do all music, but probably more country these days than anything else.
    • Yup, you're busy lol.. Appreciate your service!   My knowledgeable friends, it's funny.... pre-covid, we talked deep less, as we were just attending games together, vacationing together, etc.. Now we talk mostly on the phone, and get deeper into FB stuff. All of us hate virtual stuff. We're all go-to-events types. If I didn't have family with risk profiles, I would be far less careful with the Covid stuff. But right now, it is what it is, and I've adjusted. Just can't wait for the next guys trip when things settle down, and a nice family trip to the beach.
    • I am more of homebody now days, I know boring but it is safe I have everything I need here at home. I have been to 50+ Colts games in my day, the INDY 500 at least 10 times, I think it was 11, a suite 1 year back in 1993, been to Vegas for a week on 1 vacation back in 2010 (that was a fun/crazy week), Florida at least 5 times during the winter (Orlando, Coco Beach, Tampa beach, Jacks, Panama City beach, etc.). I have been to concerts way back in the day too like The Who, Kiss twice, Metallica, Bob Seger, Pink Floyd twice, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, even Phil Collins. I had my day in the sun. Now I am this with the Net and 300 Cable channels - I am content I guess . I would like to go Hawaii once for a week though  
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