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Picked Up Aj Edds From The Pats

Phil J

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Brackett is also on season-ending IR, hence the signing.

What does this even mean? You do realize no conference produces more NFL players, right? No conference produces higher academia either, which means a lot of the kids are smart.

Edds and Angerer played together and were a RIDICULOUS tandem for Iowa. Edds actually has better movement in pass coverage than does Angerer, so I think this could give us a beastly corps if he pans out.

Oh, and for those wanting size? He's currently 6'4" 250+, with greater speed than most NFL TE's.

According to Answers.Com and Yahoo Answers, the SEC has produced the most NFL players. It's certainly a better football conference. The Big 10 is not that good. As far vas academics, I'm not sure how to judge that. With quality state schools like VA, UNC, and NC State as well as private schools like Duke, BC, and Miami, I expect maybe the ACC has the highest academic standards.

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