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Prospect Review: Uconn Vs. Buffalo

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The only guy I was watching here was Kendall Reyes, DT of UConn.

According to the commentators (so take this for what it's worth), the Buffalo OL averages 320 lbs.

When left 1 on 1, Reyes pretty consistently pushed the blocker backwards. He does show the ability to either disengage from his blocker and make a play or use his hands to keep from getting engaged with the blocker in the first place. Doesn't seem to give full effort for the entire play. On one play he went through the line virtually unblocked but made very little effort to bring the QB down. The QB fairly easily side stepped Reyes and make a throw.

When being double blocked he was able to hold his ground and still move the pocket a little bit. Against the run, he was double blocked and easily got away from the blockers and made the play.

Overall, he was very solid against the run though there were 2 missed tackles he should have made. He was great at getting penetration and shedding blocks. He was able to collapse the pocket but didn't seem to know what to do in order to finish the play on passing downs. I'm sure he could be better with good coaching. I'd give him a chance if someone we valued higher had already been drafted. At this point though I would definitely take Jaye Howard from Florida over Reyes.

One thing to keep in mind is this game was against Buffalo, not exactly top quality competition. Hopefully I can catch more games as the season goes on so I can see how he does against a higher quality team.

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