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At least five teams thinking about trading down

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One is the Dolphins, a team that many analysts think will draft a corner at #12. They are currently in talks to acquire Brandon Albert for a second rounder. I think a lot of mocks and projections will go out the window by Thursday night, assuming a couple of these teams pull off some first round maneuvering.

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Star Lotulelei will be a top 10 pick.


Most mocks have him going to Tampa at #13. Of course I was just throwing out a hypothetical because there's no way we trade up, but I think it'd be worth it if we only lose a 3rd rounder this year for a top-tier player.

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I agree with the thought expressed elsewhere that the 49ers might use some of their extra picks to move up. They can't sign all of their picks anyway, so why not swap quantity for quality (with a team in need of the opposite). If the Jets were shrewd they would be on the phone with them, because a single decent player isn't going to help them much.


Instead they are more likely to be using their now extra first rounder to trade up to the very top - so they can take a QB that no one else has rated higher than the third round. Ryan will hail him as a HOFer in the off-season, and then he'll get cut during camp, as Sanchez "wins" the job yet again. :D Ineptitude as an art form.

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He's the only player I'd want to trade up for. But I've see him as high as #7. Maybe Mingo, but I think the Jets want him at #9 or #13, so we'd at least have to go up to the Dolphins at #12. Our first and third isn't quite enough, based on the chart (which may or may not be an authority).


Another report suggests the Cowboys are willing to trade down from #18. Our first and third are closer for that range, but still a little short. If Star lasted that long, I'd think about that.

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I know the story references 5 teams wanting to trade down....


But from everything I'm reading,  I get the sense that most every team would like to trade down....


Seriously.     From wanting to trade down a little....   to trade down a lot...    to trade down right out of the first round....   I think most every team is at least considering it....   and my hunch is most would love to...


Suddenly this draft has the feel of shopping at the 99 cent store after the sale....

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    • Yeah, Hines isn't, nor ever has been, a true RB.  He's a 3rd down pass catcher or a specialty play guy that has to get the ball on a hand off occasionally to keep the D honest.  He has had to fill in as a backup RB over the years because of injuries or roster limitations.
    • I think it could be.  But we need more evidence.  However, I look back to last season when they likely had less overall talent.  This defense fared well vs. the Chiefs.  They fared well in both games vs. the Texans.  They held Tennessee down in the 1st game.  High-flying Atlanta had just 24.  I mean it's not like this defense didn't show some good things last year.  And now we have added Buckner and several others to that and didn't really lose much, maybe Sheard?    I think they could very well be legit.  Just how legit that is who knows, but I would not beat all surprised if they are top 10 by the end of the season.
    • I'm pretty sure they new early, and all along that Kelly would never play, unless it was an emergency. I'd bet they have given CK a "plan" to follow, and I'd also bet they were clear his chance at PT was little to none.   And aside from that, they just weren't going to do that to JB given he was under contract for the next year. Wouldn't have been a good look.   Now did I want to see CK late last year, absolutely. But I understand why I didn't. Well, either they really like CK, it's a favor from Reich to uncle Jim, or it's all about Covid. Or a combination of the 2 or all three. Without seeing them in preseason, we just don't know who's best. And yes, CK was obviously better in college, but that always doesn't translate to the NFL. Personally, I love the thought of CK sticking if he can keep his nose clean. I'm pretty sure at minimum he could be a good backup. He won that role in Denver after all, from a pretty picky Elway. Eason does have some great tools, and also could be very good if he can work some things out. We're simply not going to have any answers for a year or two.
    • Patience.  We might very well see Eason taking snaps toward the end of the season.  Right now JB is under a large contract and is the better backup option...to start a game.....in case Iron Man misses one.  So JB needs some reps now to be fresh enough able to come into a game or start.   I don't expect Eason to be activated on a game day until maybe mid-season.   Towards the end of the season, we'll begin to see more thought towards the future and Eason might get some work.
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