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Colts 2013 Schedule [Merge]


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I think 12-4 is a possibility this year.. But I'd say we will be a 10 or 11 win team.



Still a team with some holes and not sure how all our signings will come together on D(hopefully great). Also won a ton of close games last year, may not have them all go in our favor again this year

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If our defense doesn't play better then last season, we could very well be 4-3 by our bye week. then after the bye week the Texans and Bengals should be the only remaining tough games we have left. key word being " SHOULD BE " ..... who knows what will happened with those other teams, AZ, or KC could become playoff contenders with their new QB's lol.  they both were really only missing a decent QB anyway and KC gave us a fit last season with who ever it was they had at QB lol. 

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The stretch of Chargers on the road for MNF, followed by Broncos at SNF followed by at the Texans on the road for SNF is going to be the brutal part.


In other words, our primetime stretch that we yearned for could decide if we can compete for the division or not, IMO. Can't go winless during that 3 game span.


I expect 2 divisional losses (Texans, Titans), and 3 non-divisional losses (Chargers, Broncos, Bengals, 49ers). 


10-6 with 7-1 at home and 3-5 on the road.

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Pats haven't been the best for almost a decade....

They have been of the best and won their division multiple times over the past decade.

Hence, if you can beat them you are in in good company.


Yeah, not playing them makes our schedule a little easier,

but playing the tough teams make you better come playoff time.

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I like it. Harder games first. Easier second half.


Personally, I'd rather have it spaced out well. Can't go into the playoffs playing average teams in December, hard to be battle tested in close games. Broncos proved that last year, IMO.

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Good looking schedule from what I can tell !!!  I can see us easily going 11-5 again for maybe 12-4.  


Did anyone notice on the NFL network they had us losing BOTH games to the Texans?  LOL.  Don't they know the Texans have never won in Indy?  I see us splitting games again with the Texans, or possibly even winning both times against them.


Can't wait for the season to begin.  GOOOOOOO Colts !!!!!!!!!!!  :coltslogo:     :shoe:  :shoe:  :shoe:    :lombardi:

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Paul Kuharsky does his breakdowns of the Colts schedule like he did for the rest of the afc south teams:

Breakdown: The Colts look to have a favorable start and finish to their 2013 slate. They open against Oakland, against Miami, at San Francisco and at Jacksonville. We know teams can make major jumps in one season, just as the Colts did last year. But our reference point is last season. And while the 49ers are the defending NFC champions, the other three teams combined for 13 wins in 2012 and certainly appear beatable.

Indianapolis’ final two games are at Kansas City and against Jacksonville. A road trip to Arrowhead Stadium in the dead of winter is never easy, and the Chiefs are likely to be far better at the end of their first season under Andy Reid than at the start. Still, they were the worst team in the league in 2012. The Jaguars were the other two-win team. The top two picks in the draft, providing neither team trades back, will be at the end of their initial seasons. They could be worn down or they could have found a rhythm.

Complaint department: The Colts get an unfair deal in advance of what may qualify as the NFL’s regular-season game of the year. Sunday night football On Oct. 20 should be a huge ratings game as Peyton Manning returns to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis with the Denver Broncos.

Indy will be recovering from a West Coast road trip on a short week for "Monday Night Football" at San Diego. The Broncos, meanwhile, will be coming off a home game against Jacksonville. It’s not exactly an even Week 6, but these sorts of things happen and the Colts will have to be ready even if they won’t be as well rested as the Broncos.

Favorable division rematches: The Colts’ second games against each of their AFC South opponents come in the final five weeks of the season and are all at home. Indianapolis hosts the Titans in Week 13, the Texans in Week 15 and the Jaguars in Week 17. That Texans game could be crucial for deciding the division crown and the Colts have a huge advantage. Houston has lost all 11 times it’s played in Indianapolis.

In all, five of Indianapolis’ last nine games are against AFC South teams.

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If the Colts get off to a good start and come out of October without being dead they are going to be in prime position to make a run not only for the South but for Home filed in the AFC. 


I'll take our schedule over the Texans that's for sure.  Three of their last four are on the road and their loan home game in there is with the Broncos.  They also have to come to Indy during that stretch.  Their last game before the stretch starts is also a home game with the Pats.  So they could very well be playing three playoff teams in their last five games.  The other two games are road games against Division foes meaning they play all three Division foes on the road in the last month of the season.  That's brutal when you factor in the only two other games over that run are New England and Denver. 


Then there is a team like the Bengals who don't have a bye week till Week 12 and have to close at the Chargers, vs us, at the Steelers, vs. the Vikings and vs. the Ravens.  That's three playoff teams from a year ago and maybe two teams in the playoff hunt this year in the Chargers and Steelers. 


All and all I think we got a pretty favorable schedule if we survive October.

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Raiders - W - 1-0 This should be a good start to the season. Colts win this game relatively easily and send an early message to the league. 24-10

Dolphins - W - 2-0: I feel that this game will be a little closer then some expect but Luck works his magic at home. 27-17

@Niners - L - 2-1: This game will go a long way to determining how good this team will be this year. They manage to win this game and go to 3-0, they make a big jump into the discussion of being elite. However, I feel the Colts lose this one as a Luck come back falls short late. 31-27

Jags - W - 3-1: Indy rebounds at home and takes care of business against their division rival. Both sides of the ball play well. 27-6

Seahawks - W - 4-1: Russel Wilson and Andrew Luck square off in the battle of two 2nd year QBs. Indy holds onto a late lead and wins. 27-21

@Chargers - W - 5-1: The Colts in their first primetime matchup of the year put on a good display. Luck tosses 2 TDs and a Philip Rivers INT seals a Solid Colts win. 24-13

Broncos - W 6-1: The game of the year lives up to the hype. Both Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning lead their teams to score after score. Luck and co. deliever the final blow on a late AV FG. 34-31

BYE - 6-1

@Texans - L 6-2: Coming out of the bye, the Colts defense plays surprisingly well but the Colts offense doesn't start clicking till late in the game. A frustrated AL throws 3 INTs and the Colts fall. 27-13

Rams - W - 7-2 Andrew Luck and the Colts offense start to find their groove again on offense. Sam Bradford tosses a couple of TDs to keep the game interesting but Indys offesnse proved to be too much. 28-17

@Titans - W - 8-2: The Colts take on Matt Hasslebecks former team in a TNF matchup. Luck runs for a score and tosses another in a relatively boring game. Colts win. 17-6

@Cardinals - L - 8-3: This is the game the Colts should of win. An aging Carson Palmer tosses 3 TDs. Indys offense matches score for score early but a late stop has Arizona hold on to win. 30-

Titans -W 9-3The Colts rebound the next week and finish their sweep of the titans. 23-10

@Bengals - W 10-3: AL and company play a frigid low scoring game in cincii. AV still has the leg and kicks a 42 trader to win. 13-10

Texans - W - 11-3: The Texans winless streak at LOS continues as the Colts click on all cylinders. 28-13

@Chiefs - W - 12-3: Game plays similar to how last years was with a late td saving the day. 14-6

Jags - W - 13-3: Indy closes out a division title and sweeps the Jags. 26-13

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