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Colts 2013 Schedule [Merge]

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Here's the schedule for the Colts. 10 CBS games, 1 ESPN games, 2 NBC games, 2 Fox games, 1 NFLN game


Week 1: vs Raiders (CBS)


Week 2: vs Dolphins (CBS)


Week 3: at 49ers (CBS)


Week 4: at Jaguars (CBS)


Week 5: vs Seahawks (FOX)


Week 6: at Chargers (ESPN)


Week 7: vs Broncos (NBC)


Week 8: BYE


Week 9: at Texans (NBC)


Week 10: vs Rams (FOX)


Week 11: at Titans (NFL)


Week 12: at Cards (CBS)


Week 13: vs Titans (CBS)


Week 14: at Bengals (CBS)


Week 15: vs Texans (CBS)


Week 16: at Chiefs (CBS)


Week 17: vs Jaguars (CBS)


Pretty good schedule, good bye week, good TV games.

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Four prime-time games including three in a row!


We will need to make hey in September because October is going to be a hard month!  Things start to lighten up in November after the Texans game although we do play three out of four on the road with a pretty blah December which is good if we are in the playoff mix towards the end of the year. 

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4 PT games, only 1 at home = crock of poo.

This would always happen to the Manning teams too.  The logic was the Colts always drew well on the road so even if the home team was bad the game would probably sell out for the prime-time audience. 

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Two games in a row at home to open the year?!?!?!  Does the NFL realize this is the COLTS schedule?  We almost always open the road and to get not one but TWO home games out of the gate.  WOW!

The Colts should be 2-0 before making their first road trip

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Kinda scratching my head in regards to week 3.


The primetime games are Bears-Steelers and Raiders-Broncos, and Chiefs-Eagles on Thursday night.


NOT in primetime?  Colts-49ers, Texans-Ravens, Packers-Bengals.  Granted, most of the rest of the Week 3 slate kinda sucks, but still...

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