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KC Joeckel OT

Jaguars Milliner CB

Raiders Floyd DL

Eagles Star DL

Lions Ansah DE

Browns Patterson WR

Cardinals Fisher OT

Bills Smith QB

Jets Mingo OLB

Titans Cooper OG

Chargers Rhodes CB

Dolphins Johnson OT

Buccaneers Trufant CB

Panthers Richardson DL

Saints Collins OLB

Rams Warmack OG

Steelers Austin WR

Cowboys Vaccaro S

Giants Okafor OLB

Bears Te'O ILB

Bengals Elam S

Rams Hopkins WR

Vikings Brown ILB

Colts Jones OLB

Vikings Taylor CB

Packers Lacy RB

Texans Jones DL

Broncos S Williams DL

Patriots Hunt DL

Falcons Werner DL

49ers Cyprien S

Ravens Hunter WR

I feel like I forgot someone

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