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Prospect Reviews: Oklahoma Vs. Missouri

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Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma, 6'4" 230 lbs...this is who I was primarily watching. Needs to step into his throws more. Threw off his back foot early which lead to a pretty grossly under-thrown ball that was picked off. When he does step fully into his throws he is incredibly accurate. Looks to have a very strong arm. At first I thought he seemed to have accuracy issues throwing to his left, but as the game went on I think this had more to do with one of his starting WR's missing the game due to injury so having a new starter at WR on that side I think was a big part of the problem. He did make one terrible decision under pressure and threw an easy pick. He should have just thrown the ball away. He did come back after the interception and played very well, so the INT didn't bother affect his play as the game went on.

#85 Ryan Broyles WR, Oklahoma 5'10 188 lbs #64 overall - Very solid WR. Good hands, great routes and great speed. One draft site I read compared him to Wes Welker with better top-end speed. The same site predicted Broyles will be the best slot WR available. I have a feeling if teams pigeon hole him as a slot WR only then he may fall in the draft. Right now he's projected as a 3rd round pick I believe. He's also a pretty good punt returner. Could be a good pickup at the top of the fourth round if he's there but not sure I'd take him any higher than that considering our other needs.

#32 Jamell Fleming CB Oklahoma 5'11 192 lbs #169 overall - appears to be a very good cover corner, especially in man coverage. However on running plays he didn't show much interest in trying to get off the block of the WR to try to make a play. In fact I think one time he actually pulled a blocker in front of him so he wouldn't have to make the tackle...and I'm not joking about that. lol This could very well be something that would make the Colts avoid him.

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