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Prospect Reviews: Texas A&m Vs. Oklahoma St

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The top prospects I was looking at were Oklahoma States QB Brandon Weeden 6'4" 218 lbs and WR Justin Blackmon 6'1" 215 lbs and for Texas A&M it was QB Ryan Tannehill 6'4" 222 lbs and WR Jeff Fuller 6'3" 200 lbs.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a WR turned QB in Tannehill. He was actually more of a pocket passer than I expected but he has very good athleticism. He ran a QB draw 65 yards for a TD. He has good pocket presence most of the time and is able to side step pressure very well. He's always looking downfield so he'll be ready to make the throw when a receiver comes open. He's definitely looking to throw the ball as opposed to scrambling. However he did show really good accuracy when he did scramble and had to throw on the run.

Brandon Weeden is much more of a straight up pocket passer. He had fairly good pocket presence and could also side step pressure but he's not going to make any big plays scrambling.

Something I'd forgotten about with Weeden is that he'll be quite a bit older than rookies normally are. He'll be 28 at the start of his rookie year so for this reason I don't think he's a QB we even consider.

Both QB's held on to the ball a little too long on a few plays which led to sacks, but Weeden did this more than Tannehill. Both QB's showed pretty good accuracy though if I had to give an advantage to one over the other it'd be to Tannehill.

Ryan Tannehill did throw one Int but the replay showed this happened because WR Jeff Fuller lost his footing at the top of his route. Had this not happened, Fuller would have been in position to make the catch, but at worst it would have been an incomplete pass.

As for the WR's, both made some great catches and ran some great routes, but both also dropped at least 1 easy catch. I see what someone else said about Blackmon being a bit of a prima donna...when the ball didn't come his way on plays where he thought it should have he threw a bit of a tantrum. He was able to make several good plays but then he had a sure TD and simply lost control of the ball and fumbled it out of bounds which wound up in a touchback and the ball went to Texas A&M.

Overall I'd take Fuller over Blackmon. I also think Tannehill could be a QB to wind up in the Colts' consideration.

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