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Congress Sends Letter To Goodell About Hgh Testing...


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New article on ESPN's website states that congress has been communicating with league officials about the HGH testing agreement in the new CBA. Anyone else think that congress needs to shut their stoop-id mouths about this crap and concentrate on actually doing something useful for our nation? Honestly, it's no wonder we are in the shape we are in. How is this even a topic of discussion for our nation's leaders? And people wonder why nobody votes anymore....

"We are therefore disappointed that the testing has not yet begun," said the letter, which was sent by the Professional Sports Caucus. "It is important that fans, and especially your youngest fans, believe that the NFL is doing all that it can to ensure the integrity of the game and the health of the players." -----from the article-----

A) Younger fans don't care, only you do. B) If no one was worried about the integrity of major sports for decades and decades, why is it such a hot button now? C) Leave the NFL alone, they're one of the only recession proof businesses in our country. D) The health of the players is mainly helped by HGH, not harmed, which is what you're implying in the letter.

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