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Congress Sends Letter To Goodell About Hgh Testing...


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New article on ESPN's website states that congress has been communicating with league officials about the HGH testing agreement in the new CBA. Anyone else think that congress needs to shut their stoop-id mouths about this crap and concentrate on actually doing something useful for our nation? Honestly, it's no wonder we are in the shape we are in. How is this even a topic of discussion for our nation's leaders? And people wonder why nobody votes anymore....

"We are therefore disappointed that the testing has not yet begun," said the letter, which was sent by the Professional Sports Caucus. "It is important that fans, and especially your youngest fans, believe that the NFL is doing all that it can to ensure the integrity of the game and the health of the players." -----from the article-----

A) Younger fans don't care, only you do. B) If no one was worried about the integrity of major sports for decades and decades, why is it such a hot button now? C) Leave the NFL alone, they're one of the only recession proof businesses in our country. D) The health of the players is mainly helped by HGH, not harmed, which is what you're implying in the letter.

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    • Colts in OT.  HotRod makes up for last week with a 46-yarder at the gun.
    • It sux for any of the rookies to miss time.  This is basically their preseason and they need all the reps they can get with this modified season.  Hopefully it won't keep him out past today.  I also think TY shows out today vs. the inexperience in the Vikings secondary, and maybe their best guy Dantzler being out.  On the flip side, Thielen could go off for 200.  Should be a good battle between he and TY for air superiority.  But I like Campbell to have a sneaky good game going against their #2 guy.  I don't see too many big plays but I think he'll see a lot of catches.  Hines too.
    • TY is fine.  To me, he's never been a high #1 guy simply because of his size.  In today's NFL you need a guy with a little more size to be a true #1 alpha dog.  But he has sort of made up for it with his big play ability over the years.  His injuries are a concern but he hasn't really missed many games because of it.  If the Colts ever found that big guy with hands and speed (looking at you Pittman) that could be a true #1 then I think Hilton would become more deadly.  I like keeping the guy around I'm just not sure he is worth #1 guy money.  My 2 sense.
    • Probably not washed up but definitely starting to decline which is expected.   He wants to finish his career in Indy so he may be open to taking a modest contract and becoming more of a mentor that is slowly phased out as other receivers develop.  I’m ok with this succession plan but I also would of been ok with trading him before this last draft to package with the Pittman pick to move up for a blue chip receiver. I wish our team would embrace trading players one year early to extract maximum value.  No clue what this would do for team moral so most likely wishful thinking. 
    • Nah.  Said 10 wins and stickin to it.  Not gonna freak out after a single crappy game.  As I recall, the Colts got destroyed by MJD and the Jags on the ground like a couple of months before they won the Superbowl.  Stuff happens.  I expect this team to right the ship.  If they haven't after week 4, then I'll change my mind.
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