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Bob Sanders (Threads Merged)


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Everyone is making it sound like he's out with a bad injury. No, he's not, rotoworld didnt even elaborate. From what i'm reading in the SD rags, it's just a precautionary step due to a knee issue that appears to be minor. So he is just out this one game and will be back making awesome tackles like normal.

I remember when I was in this naive stage of denial regarding Bob.... I was always so sure that it he was gonna be back at 100% and that all his injuries were freak and improbable accidents that he would surely recover from. Oh how time changes things.

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poor Sanders....I was really disappointed when he went to the Chargers...I really hate them.

But I hope he gets better healthy wise! Wether he plays for the Patriots or whatever, we will still support what he helped us acheive in that super bowl run! :)

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Bob was a great player whose body couldn't match his mental fire simply put. A part of me still wants to get back down to wen I was 150 pounds(granted I'd have to stop working out and let my body slim out the muscle I have lol) just to fit back into my old sanders jersey.

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