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if the opportunity arose - draft DJ Fluker?

My thought process is that Fluker is thickly built with good size to play Guard. He's better in pass protection that people give him credit for, but he is very susceptible against speed rushers so you could take him off the edge. I think that guard is still a problem area for the team, and drafting Fluker could add a good player who can play a couple of position, and also a really strong run blocker in a power run offense that Hamilton likes.

Of course, this is only if Cooper and Warmack have gone, which I imagine is highly likely.

I'd say OLB is the other biggest need alongside guard, then probably cornerback.

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Well he is a Guard in the NFL by far in my opinion, he just dont have the feet to play Tackle, NFL Defenses are just to good and defensive ends while not necessarily a ton stronger are certainly much more cerebral in there attack and will put him at a unfair disadvantage because if his feet at RT if thats where he plays

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I would, versatile lineman, plug him at guard and he could slide out to RT barring injury instead of Linkenbach or Bradley Sowell coming in. Ballard and Brown would LOVE to run behind this OLine with Fluker at guard

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