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I watched Holmes for all his time at USC, being a USC fan and all.  He leaves a lot to be desired.  He is a smart player, but has no real strength to his game.  He is more of a angle type blocker, and rarely can move his man out of the way.  He is also awkward for a center, seems to be too tall or maybe he has trouble bending his knees.  He is like a 5th rounder in my opinion, nothing more.  He might make a good left guard, but will need to add strength in the weight room if he is ever to become a reliable starter in the NFL.  In the opening series versus Utah, Star Lotulelei, pushed him back into Matt Barkley causing two fumbles I believe in the first quarter of the game.  He might be a good option as a backup who can play Center and both Guard positions, but I don't see starter material in him right now.

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Too high. More like 6th or 7th round tops. Rather take Barrett Jones in the 3rd (doubt he's there, but if he is)

I actually think Jones will be there late 3th. I think Schwenke will go early 3rd. I expect Holmes to go late 4th and Braxton Cave late 5th.





lol I'm a strange person

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Khaled Holmes is pretty bad honestly i wouldnt even expect he could beat out shipley. 




He was the #1 or #2 rated center at the start of the year....   and the only thing that kept him from performing like one was injuries....


Otherwise....   I have no idea where you got that impression....


He's probably a 4th or 5th round draft pick....   any lower would tell me there are injury issues at play...


Not sure he's a fit for the Colts...   I think his background is zone blocking...   not sure if he can handle man blocking...

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