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With Raiders rebuilding, should we make a run a D.McFadden?


Darren Mcfadden?  

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  1. 1. With one year left on his contract, if he's cheap, is he worth it?

    • No - This is unnecessary, not feasible, and is not worth fantazing about.
    • Yes - If he's healthy, and we can get him in a Colts uni for cheap.
    • Colts Grill serves good food(Detour)

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Who said the Raiders are "rebuilding"? When were they ever "built" in this decade?

If they'd stop investing draft picks in fast WR's with no hands, they wouldn't have this problem.

:lol:  :funny:  haha Nicely put TK85. No disrespect intended, but Al Davis's passing spells some hope for that NFL franchise. Did the Raiders hire Mike Holmgren for a front office position? I haven't heard anything new on this front?



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