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Irsay's latest tweet (Saturday 3/16)


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    • I always try to make a day of it, and eat somewhere prior to the game when I come back. Given the Covid situation, not really sure what to tell you. Not really sure what's open either. I'd probably stay safe and just do a tailgate cookout.   If you want to do the concessions though, here's a link to what's available. https://www.lucasoilstadium.com/attending-an-event/concessions/
    • This for sure.  We frequently look at the season with a global view.  But how often does it happen that one of the top teams loses a couple of key players and then suddenly they look very beatable?  Like every week?  I mean there is still a LONG way to go yet folks.  We don't even know how much losing Devin Bush is going to hurt the Steelers.  Or how losing Lewan will affect the Titans.  IF the Colts can stay relatively healthy then they will have a chance against any team remaining.  They may not be elite but they aren't that bad either.  Any given Sunday.  If Rivers can just take care of the ball they usually have a chance.   Even if you firmly believe they have no chance at beating the top teams of Titans, Steelers, Ravens, and Packers (which I don't believe BTW), they still have the opportunity to win 9 games in a year in which 7 teams will make the playoffs in each conference.  I still think they will split with the Titans.  I think with our fast defense we match up very well with the Ravens.  The Steelers will be a tough challenge from an offensive standpoint, but they aren't going to score a million points on you and the Packers are just the opposite.  No team is flawless and can be beaten.  Colts are unbeaten at home and 3 of those games are at LOS.  It's doable.  I said 10 wins to begin the season and I'm sticking with it.  And this year 10 wins is going to absolutely get you in.
    • If you look at their career stats and averages, Rivers and Luck are very similar in a lot of ways. And Rivers has a high passer rating, and similar QBR. Almost identical TD and INT %s.  Rivers has a better completion %, AVG, and ANY/A.   I'd absolutely rather have Luck than Rivers "right now", but there is a debate to be had who is better from a career perspective,  Pro Football Reference and Player Profiler.
    • That jags loss in a normal season with preparation and preseason turns out differently 8/10 times. It sucks that it will count. 
    • Just curious, where do you pull these stats from?
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