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Bullitt Is Injured


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I cant recall any ONE play he made for anyone to negate the fact that bullit is a bad tackler, also unlike GoColts8818 i dont think bullit is good in coverage either... when your a saftey your bound to get in position to make a play because the plays happen in front of you most of the times, there are some good safteys out there and bullit is not one of them i always say sometimes the colts good players are average to the rest of the league just like brackett would be to lets say the pats or bears.. bullit would get a starting job on a team but soon lose it.

Sorry but gocolts8818 is right & you are WAY off the mark. Bullet is a good safety not a great safety. Not unlike many QUALITY starters in the league.

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Bullitt, until he stops taking bad angles to RBs and WRs and shows me he can break up a pass or two and not be a liability in pass coverage, he is just back up material at best. He is dead weight on the roster if Joe Lefeged or some other safety steps up and plays better. He had those issues before going on IR last year too.

That has always been his issue. He is a good tackler in the first 10 yards, but in coverage he is a major liability. QB's like Brady, Brees, and Shaub have a field day.

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