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Mathis R.OLB, Walden LOLB, RT 2nd highest paid

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what wr's are available that are really an up grade over Avery??? Ammendola???

Doubt we take slot guys. I would say Jennings and DHB are upgrades, Jennings being the much more expensive one and DHB being the boom or bust one.

Personally I'd take the gamble on DHB if cost was right because if it blows up in our face, we have an okay receiver group to fall back on. This might be me just getting carried away with his insane measurables and great highlight reel though.

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I dont understand why we are not going after Volmer. i think him and castanzo would make a good team at the tackle position in blocking for Luck. sure hope we get Pollard or Reed over Landry. but if not and were stuck with landry, then i guess its better then zbikowski lol. but still believe we need to draft a safety in the draft, Rambo, Elam (i prefer), or that kid out of FIU (prob would have to trade down for him, get a early 2nd round pick, with a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick to go with it) and we def. need another CB. 

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right, i guess only moves I have questioned so far in FA is letting Winston & Avery walk...

thought they were at least decent depth guys...

I guess Winston got his bell rung alot last season, don't understand letting Avery walk just to bring in a lower tier WR, unless I guess its a guy that they think can produce, just not sure whos out there at this point...

 Buck, they said Smurf speedster Palmer is Avery`s replacement. He won`t play much i would surmise, hopefully he has better hands.

And he is at minimum wage.

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Irsay tweets

@JimIrsay: We like Castonzo-Cherilus OT bookends n with #98 Mathis going 2 RT OLB pass rusher,his perfect fit,Walden coming n2 hold the edge at L.OLB

@JimIrsay: Great 1st day in FA!Spent 90 million dollars yesterday!Won the Cherilus right OT bidding,which makes him the 2nd Highest paid Right OT n NFL

 Is he the 2d best RT? uhhhh no! Vollmer you can make points hes a top 3-5 RT....but cherilus? not in top 5 or even maybe 10. Im not happy with any signings besides butler and thomas...i believe we overpaid everyone else(not sure on sidbury contract). 


Mathis, Hughes, Sidbury and Walton.....thats a group of OLB rushers offenses will fear.......lol

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