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I would be happy with either. But there is a good chance we get neither. If that happens suicide watch will be on high alert. Listen to the song "jumper" if things get to tough for you guys

Already on my ledge!! Lol. No but it would be nice to get one of them. Either would be a huge upgrade.

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He puts patriots to sleep.. Sign him up

I apologize for yesterday really. I was drinking and all excited about free agency and it felt like we blew it and you were getting on my nerves so i lashed out at you inappropriately, you don't have to forgive me i made myself look like a real * but regardless i am sorry. and BTW after researching and looking into our pickups yesterday they're really starting to warm up to me, i dont feel like we blew it all that much anymore.

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I would take him over Landry, because Landry is a mess with injuries. Even when healthy, you can't say he's much better than Pollard.


Pollard is a hard hitting, physical safety that a team like the Colts need.


I would be happy to see him in a Colts uniform.

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I like Pollard's play, but there is something about him... This is how many teams he's played for in how long? It's not like his play hasn't been good enough to warrant a long-term deal...


So why, then, has he not gotten one, and why are the Ravens, already losing one great safety, and a healthy amout of good players on defense, letting him go?

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Was just browsing PFT when I saw this:


A string of surprising moves in Baltimore extended on Wednesday to a player who supposedly was safe.


Safety Bernard Pollard is out, and everyone is wondering why.


As one league source said in response to the news, “Three teams in how many years. Soon four.  What does that tell you?”

Another source says that Pollard has a reputation for being outspoken, for complaining, and for drawing too much attention to himself.  He wears on a team, with his talent keeping him around for a second year or third year.


More specifically, we’re now getting the clear impression that last year’s incident that, as reported by Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, was “practically a mutiny,” has contributed to the departure of Pollard — and could result in more players being purged.

And he’s where it gets really interesting.  (Or at least less uninteresting.)  Silver specifically mentioned Pollard and Ed Reed as instigators of the mutiny.


Coincidentally, we’re now getting indications that the Ravens don’t want Reed back.


So while coach John Harbaugh handled a difficult situation very well at the time (as evidenced by the team’s Super Bowl trophy), it looks like Harbaugh may have decided that, at the appropriate time, he’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Stats comparison: Pollard 585 tackles in 105 games, along with 9 sacks, 13 forced fumbles, 8 fumble recoveries, 9 interceptions, 40 passes defended and 10 stuffs


Landry - 80 games, 482 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 10 FF, 4 FR, 6 INTs, 39 PDs and 16 STFs.


Fairly equal but I'd give Pollard the edge. Factor in that in his rookie year he played in 16 games but had zero starts (he played special teams), his stats look even better in his 89 starts (11 less tackles, sacks the same, one less FF, one less FR, INTs the same, one less PDs, same number of stuffs). Landry's stats are all from starts.

That kind of information is classified and can only be found in obscure places like NFL.com, Google, Wikipedia, etc. ;)



And I was thinking that Pollard was the healthier of the 2 as well, but looking at their games played in their career:


Landry missed 8 games in 2011, 7 games in 2010, 1 game in 2009 and otherwise has played all 16 games in 2012, 2008 and 2007

Pollard played in all 16 games in '06, '07 and '08, missed 3 games in '09, 1 game in '10, played all games in '11 and missed 3 games in '12.


Now that is just a summary of games played so doesn't take into account how often they may have still played but with nagging injuries or anything like that.  I'd be happy with either but I think the familiarity with Pagano's defense would put Pollard over the top for me.   :)

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