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Hey everyone I know trying to figure out what the Colts are going to do in the off-season is fun. Trying to figure out who they're going to draft who they're going to sign in free agency. I've done a mock draft myself as well as the free agency market. But we must remember that there are maximums you can spend but there are also minimums you have 2 spend. With that being said I know there are a lot of websites and different answers out there for the salary Questions. But here is a pretty good website that I found the answered several questions. So give this a read before you go through your free agency spending spree. LOL





Happy reading

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    • E is a great edition to the site but he can be stubborn at times like you and I. He thinks he is always right but so do many. You both have my respect along with many others. Superman usually never has any bad posts. 
    • I only wish I could get a cut of the popcorn concessions!!      
    • All you're doing now Jared is projecting.    You're taking your views and putting them on Ballard and Irsay.    Ballard always keeps Irsay in the loop.   Nothing Ballard has done has caught Irsay off guard.   As long as Ballard is competitive and spending wisely,  Irsay will likely be fine with him.   Irsay knows Ballard inherited a mess.   Irsay knows Ballard was going to need time,  especially after he asked CB to keep Pagano and his staff around for another year.  Unless something shocking comes up unexpectedly,  Ballard should have Irsays complete faith and patience.      As I layed out in my last post,  Ballard has all these options.   As a fan one would think you'd be excited.   You've shared that you like Ballard and think he drafts well.   He's not too bad at free agency either.   But instead of being excited over possibilities you see all the downside.   You see all the ways this could go south.   You worry and worry and worry some more.   I've run out of magic words to try and have you see the bright side....   Good luck....  
    • I don't put Ballard on mountain but losing Luck was a bad blow. If you are a GM and lose a QB like that, that is bad.
    • When you and E go at it I do this 
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