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Struggled through the Trudeau, George, Chandler eras- dealt with the agony of the Steve Emtman/Quinton Coryatt (still the greatest college hit, ever- YouTube it) debacle and other terrible decisions.

How dare you tarnish Jeff George's excellence. His mullet flowed in the breeze like crystal clear waves breaking on the shore of the Caribbean. His arm was so strong that he often missed his players and threw interceptions, of course not his fault. He bounced around from team to team because everyone wanted to bask in his glory. Even though he looked like a very bad serial killer, Jeff George was the greatest QB of all time and no one can take that from him.

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Living in Amarillo, Texas, for the last 7 years.  Colts fan from the mid 70s on (dad and grand dad both born in Baltimore).  Was living in Indy in '84 when the Colts moved into town, and lived there up until '86 when I graduated high school (Lawrence Central) and joined the Navy.  Came back to Indy in '97, then moved here (Amarillo) in '06 to build the V-22 Osprey.  Bought a house a couple years ago, and have been working recently converting the basement into my own Colts man cave.  Been lurking here for years...










Still a lot of stuff left to do in the basement, lots of stuff to get for the walls.  The big screen TV is upstairs right now in the family room, but it'll make it's way down into the basement soon.  Same with the computer and desk. 


I'd like to hope that when it's all said and done I'll have the best looking Colts mancave in the state of Texas ;)

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Just wanted to add I absolutely LOVE the Colts play by play announcer! Whenever I'm listening to the Colts radio app I love the man's emotion! I think his name is Bob Lamey! Because of him I run around the house trying to immitate him saying "REGGIE WAAAAAAYNE!!!"

Btw, http://www.meetup.com/nflfootball-91/ is the meetup group for colts fans in nyc. I actually took a train there a couple of times when I lived up north. Great time.

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Born in Indy. Saw the Colts on TV fourty-eight years ago. Was fascinated by Unitas and thought they had the best symbol of any sports team.

No pro team in Indianapolis, so I chose the Colts. Moved to Chicago fourteen years before the Colts moved to Indy, but never wavered in my

support for the Shoes. Now I root for the Shoes in the land of the Flaming Thumb Titans. I am a Colts fan of the third kind ( doesn't matter very

much to me what city they represent, but I feel sympathy for Baltimore fans ). My favorite Colts are Bert Jones, Mike Curtis, Art Donovan and


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    • That is why Ballard and Reich need to be careful about laying it all on Wentz as a scapegoat when a lot of his success rides on the help they provide him, in terms of weapons, left tackle etc. We have now established that he is at best a good QB, will never be elite, and has to be managed by playing to his strengths and giving as much help as possible to get the most out of him. Their moves have to be centered around that assessment, not like they are surrounding an elite QB.
    • Ogunjobi is out for the season, which means the Bengals will have an even tougher time stopping Tennessee. Especially if Henry is even close to being at 100%.
    • I get you don't like the guy, but that's nonsense.   Freakin' Jacoby Brissett just finished his 6th season in the NFL at age 29. He offers nothing as a passer and almost nothing as a runner.   Hurts is in his first full season as a starting QB...and he's still younger than JB was as as rookie. And he was more productive than JB has ever been (he is definitely a very good runner).
    • This year's squad might go down as one of the biggest misuses of talent I've ever seen. We totally underperformed per the level of skill and talent we have in our players. Indy was way too talented to not make the playoffs. Frank has cost us a lot of games over the years by poor balance of of run and pass. I blame Frank for the 2nd Titans loss and Ravens loss this year. Wentz can't rally the troops when it matters, there seems to be no true motivator that can pump up the whole squad. We lack leadership and will. All that talent and and both sides of the ball never had a killer instinct to them all season. We play with no since or urgency or pride far too often. Taylor was the only real upside, Leonard needs to find a way to channel his passion to the rest of the D. I wonder if switching Oline coaches hurt us. The oline was painful to watch, they regressed so much in pass blocking its sickening. Why was Nelson not moved to LT and Reed played in is spot. Kind of mind baffling how our pocket was non existing most the season, Frank didn't even throw in some roll outs or bootlegs to help Wentz against JAX when he had no pocket what so ever...also we needed to give Strachan more opportunity, he is tall and shined when targeted. When Carson misses its almost always high, use your bigger targets...we got killed by TEs all year but failed to utilize ours, something FR should be good at. Ballard needs to land us a big TE. 
    • I agree Pittman is a #1 WR on several teams and at worst a #2 on most. After that I dont know that we have WR's that would start on any team in the league.   As far as Cincy in concerned Boyd put up 800 yards and 5 TD's and that's with Chase and Higgins getting theirs. He is certainly the  Stokely to their Harrison and Wayne but hes lightyears ahead of anything we have outside of Pittman.   IMO, this teams needs serious help at the WR spot this offseason.
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