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Question of the Day - 02/01 + Super Bowl XLVII Bonus

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Do you watch the post-season collegiate "All Star" games to practice your "amateur scout" skills looking for talent the Colts should draft ??







Will you celebrate this seasons Super Bowl by attending a party at a sports bar - OR - a friends house ??

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1. I always Scout the Combine, Shrine Game, & Senior Bowl. And during the College Football Season. I even DVR the Colts Game that come on & see who isn't doing their Jobs that are already on the Team.

2. I'll be at my aunt's house watching it on the big screen with a Papa John's Pizza. And hopefully my FREE Pizza I get for guessing the Coin Toss right haha

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Nope. Rarely watch college football intentionally.


No/No. Looking forward to the game (pulling for the Ravens), but nothing resembling a party. (Unless you count pets).

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