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Ok, well i will start it out. Nock! Nock! Nock!. Irsay wakes up from his afternoon nap. "Well, come in the, doors have been open all day." Bill Polian walks into the room. "Have u seen the doctors report on Manning?" asks Polian. "Doctors report, what are u talking about?" Irsay say with one eye open. "The physians report on Peyton." screams Bill. "He is not healthy at all, I am pretty sure he has been telling us this for a while now." says Bill. "Well this is news to me. I thought he had already worked this out with his own doctors." says Irsay. "Well u do understand while u and all the other owners had a lock out he was not able to see our doctors or our trainers right?" exclaims Polian. "Well i better start acting like i care then right?" asks Irsay. "No, u better get a deal done so Peyton can come back to our trainers as soon as possible !" suggests Polian. "Ok, I will start acting like this is dumb and start tweeting to everyone that I want nothing but goodthings for our team." OK its up to u to finish this off.

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