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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I get your point but I am sure Ballard agree's. JB even by my eye ball test doesn't suck. We are just used to Peyton and Luck. Ballard may draft a QB and to be honest I would be happy if he did but not in round 1. He may get a gem in round 2 or 3 or so.
    • I don't think either of us can say exactly how Ballard does, or does not, look at things. We know some basics though. We know both he and FR are stats guys, and Ballard has grown the analytics team since coming to Indy. We know one of Ballards core responsibilities is build a team that not only wins, but also one that fills seats and generates revenue. We also know he loves leadership and the "right guys".   I think we both agree that Ballard is a very smart guy. He knows everything about JB. He knows his flaws from college, he knows every stat that has been laid out by all of us here, plus probably a bunch more. He knows exactly what last year's team and players did, and the difference in their performance to date this year.   I agree that the FO didn't get to evaluate JB under perfect/ideal situations, but frankly that never happens. He's not going to give pure grace for injuries, and disregard that JB still has a big problem with missing wide open guys regardless of who they are. He sees it all, and a lot more. And I'm sure he knows sometimes you have to make a call without ideal input/evaluation.    I do think that Ballard will do what ever he does, and we'll likely never know all the past, current, and future variables he may weigh. I just know where I'd put my money.
    • I truly believe the front office and Reich do want him to succeed. They would love a guy with is character and leadership to pilot this franchise for the next 10+ years. Sadly, I think he has reached his ceiling and  I think the Colts org privately know it as well.
    • Yeah I had him at #4, I liked TY, Funchess, and Campbell better going into the season. I just put Pascal 4th because I love his work ethic and his hands are decent. I liked him better than Cain or Rogers hence the #4.
    • But my point is...even if he could build around an average QB...why should he? For starters, no GM is good enough to build a consistent Super Bowl team without a legit QB. Dorsey was pretty damn good in KC...and those teams were talented...yet they won 1 playoff game in 4-5 years.   If Ballard is truly a top 5 GM...then that's even more reason to shoot for a legit franchise QB...not settle on an average QB. A top 5 GM, a franchise QB and top tier coaching is the stuff of dynasties...or multiple rings in a 5-6 year span. Why you intentionally put yourself at a disadvantage in one area...when you have clear advantages in other areas? Just seems like you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.   I mean...is he going to just stop being a good GM or just stop adding talent to the roster because they used resources on a QB? I have always thought this "great roster vs. great QB" debate was a false choice (sort of like FA vs. the draft). Why not have both? Sure there are opportunity costs and financial logistics involved in finding and keeping a top tier QB...but a savvy GM as good as Ballard is purported to be...should be able to overcome that...especially early on in that QB's contract...and especially when he's sitting on $100M in cap space.   We all got a taste of what an improving Ballard team with a top tier QB could look like last year...that's the direction I want to see this team take. 
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