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What "classic" Colts jersey is tucked away in your closet?


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I have  a couple of jeff george game day jersey's.He's a family friend(our mothers' are good friends).He was such a wasted talent on some truly horrible colt teams.Its such a shame.If you guys' think our o-line is bad now,then you should of seen his.

Jeff George likely sold more Falcons or Raiders jerseys.  Good QB.

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    • Dulin doesn't look anywhere close to as dynamic or explosive to me. No idea if anything has hindered him physically since those tests, but I've never watched Dulin in the NFL and thought - wow, that's an athlete. He looks average at best... the number of times I've expected him to evade a tackle or outrun someone just to be left disappointed are not a few. 
    • There are a couple that could win a game. But not many. The fact is if your starter goes down for a long time the season is over anyway. The backup can probably only win a game or two for a team. Heck there aren’t 32 starting QB so some guys that are starters should only be backups.
    • It never would of happened in TC because carson was hurt. The important thing is Wentz is healthy and playing great. It doesn’t matter who the backup is.  There is a difference in wanting to see him play when when we don’t have a QB of our QB is hurt then being mad he is gone.
    • If this happened in training camp Wentzszn would've lost his mind!!! 
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