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Which Free Agent O-Linemen, Fit Our scheme?

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I like Vasques ans Slauson and we pick up a RT in the draft. Try to get Kruger, Reed and a CB in FA and we are golden. Pick the best WR first in the draft, Jenkins from FS at #3, the best RT at  #4, then take best player available from S, DT, OL, and CB. Hopefully they can pick up DT,Armestead this spring also. I think you get these FA for between $22 to $25M.

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Dontari Poe was a combine freak and flew up the draft boards cuz of his BP and other workouts after his first year he has been nothin but a turd so far

Hard to judge a guy off his rookie year, plus I dont think he has been bad at all, 38 tackles and four pass deflections as a nose tackle

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