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Did Andrew Luck do Better than Eli this year?


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This is easy. Luck.

Luck had last years worst team. He won 11 games (playoffs) and had 28 total TDs, 18 interceptions, and 4500+ yards.

Eli had last years best team. He won 9 games (no playoffs) and had 26 total TDs (5 coming in the final game drubbing of the awful and injury depleted Eagles), 15 interception, and didn't even get 4000 yards.

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Elvis Grbac threw a ball at Al Davis.,


Shanahan told him to do it,,, how awesome is that?




oh.. on topic.. 


A, it's not important

B. it's pretty obvious 

C. Elvis Grbac threw a ball at Al Davis's head

I was tempted to avoid this thread because it made NO sense, but something told me to check it out, and this post is my reward for that.

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Luck is the type of QB that could carry a team if he has too(maybe not all the way to a SB victory), that's all that matters to me. This is the question I use when comparing Luck to any QB. I think Eli can somewhat carry a team, somewhat. Schaub? Flacco? Not so much, they need a running game to be effective. Rodgers, PM, or Brady? Obviously they can and that's good company to be in.

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