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Texans @ Patriots AFC Divisonal Playoff Game Thread

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Does anyone know why there is a restriction on likes? Doesn't really make sense to me


I think the mods don't want people overly liking my posts and favoring me at times.


No really though it is annoying I agree......

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Well, qwizboy is here... How do you think your boys are doing so far qwiz?


He thinks they have the it factor is my guess and are championship bound on a train headed for destiny.



But, if the Pats lose this game it is on oldunclemark with that day of judgement thread which I knew was a jinx.

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I'm married to your posts Jules, don't I always like them? Hahahahahaha


You do like a lot of them and I tend to like many of yours it seems. Funny we agree on a lot.........heh.



Oh here comes the Texans being the Texans again.....

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Now I know what is going to happen. The Texans fans will brag all offseason that they won a playoff game again vs. the Bengals and that they won the division by 1 game even though the crappy Colts with the QB who cannot measure up to RG3 knocked them out of homefield advantage.

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    • With respect East when one says maybe, one is not stating things as if they are fact. Stats only show so much in football.  I think a lot of people try to act as if football stats are like baseball stats and they are not .   Most baseball stats are based on one players performance against another player.  There is negligible influence on the hitter from his teammates.  It’s him v. The field. football is nothing like that.    You can have great players put up bad stats on bad teams.  And lesser players vice versa and all permutations in between.   In baseball, a guy pretty much is what he is over a minimum number of ABs against a variety of pitchers.  It has nothing to do with much else.     in football that is not the case.  Catch rate over 39 pass attempts is not necessarily indicative of everything that goes into a catch rate.     Do you really think JT is one of the best catchers of the ball in football?  I doubt it.  Most of his catches are easy catches this year.     And East, you don’t use your own logic.  Sail routes are not RZ routes.  At all, they are among the slowest developing routes in the game.  it has nothing to do with tight spaces in the RZ.  Many my posts show that I think MAc is better when he gets moving.  Repeat after me remember?   Much of being a good receiver is not really measurable statistically.  Getting to the right spot in zones and other read routes is probably at least 50% of the deal for adequately athletic NFL type receivers.  There is a recent trend of a few rookies putting up good numbers, but usually takes 2 or 3 years.  I think receiving proficiency often takes longer than quarterbacking. maybe MAC doesn’t read well?  He doesn’t have much experience there.   I think you overestimate Macs catch rate.  He’s got pretty good hands, I doubt he truly has some of the best hands in the game.  The types of catches he makes likely are on average not the most difficult ones.        
    • I dont think we have enough capital draft wise to get a meaningful QB this year, I think the prudent answer is find a one year band aid be it Rivers or whoever, try to make it with them and hope Eason gets enough rep experience and shows ability and readiness for 2023 while you fill what holes you can outside of QB this season; If Eason doesnt pan out and show strong starter capabilities during this season....then go all in 2023-24 to draft your starter. It is definitely a giant uphill crap shoot no matter what Ballard ends up doing.....there is no scenario that isnt full of mammoth risk...I just dont see this QB draft class outside of the top 2 or maybe 3 that have shown enough to take that big of a risk.....and I think its all but official you cannot count T. Lawerence in that count this year as he has probably already picked a jersey # with the Jags, we just get to wait to make it official. 
    • I just couldn't do it....I mean, I respect his career and talent...but I just couldn't....... its like inviting Satan to the church fish fry, putting him in a suit and tie doesn't make him a better person, he is still the devil after all lol 
    • Anybody know the name of the song at the end? diggin the drum riffs
    • This.   Reich is a good play-caller. He's certainly not perfect and, if I could cite only one reason that the Colts lost to the Bills, it would be the play that he called when he went for it on fourth down. I agree with the decision to go for it, but the actual play-call was garbage imo.   With that being said, he's also called some great games, and some made some great calls in the clutch. No-one is perfect and he certainly seems aware of his own shortcomings. That's half the battle.   I hope Reich continues to call the plays, and continues to grow as a play-caller.
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