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Texans @ Patriots AFC Divisonal Playoff Game Thread

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Does anyone know why there is a restriction on likes? Doesn't really make sense to me


I think the mods don't want people overly liking my posts and favoring me at times.


No really though it is annoying I agree......

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Well, qwizboy is here... How do you think your boys are doing so far qwiz?


He thinks they have the it factor is my guess and are championship bound on a train headed for destiny.



But, if the Pats lose this game it is on oldunclemark with that day of judgement thread which I knew was a jinx.

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I'm married to your posts Jules, don't I always like them? Hahahahahaha


You do like a lot of them and I tend to like many of yours it seems. Funny we agree on a lot.........heh.



Oh here comes the Texans being the Texans again.....

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Now I know what is going to happen. The Texans fans will brag all offseason that they won a playoff game again vs. the Bengals and that they won the division by 1 game even though the crappy Colts with the QB who cannot measure up to RG3 knocked them out of homefield advantage.

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