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Texans @ Patriots AFC Divisonal Playoff Game Thread

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Does anyone know why there is a restriction on likes? Doesn't really make sense to me


I think the mods don't want people overly liking my posts and favoring me at times.


No really though it is annoying I agree......

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Well, qwizboy is here... How do you think your boys are doing so far qwiz?


He thinks they have the it factor is my guess and are championship bound on a train headed for destiny.



But, if the Pats lose this game it is on oldunclemark with that day of judgement thread which I knew was a jinx.

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I'm married to your posts Jules, don't I always like them? Hahahahahaha


You do like a lot of them and I tend to like many of yours it seems. Funny we agree on a lot.........heh.



Oh here comes the Texans being the Texans again.....

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Now I know what is going to happen. The Texans fans will brag all offseason that they won a playoff game again vs. the Bengals and that they won the division by 1 game even though the crappy Colts with the QB who cannot measure up to RG3 knocked them out of homefield advantage.

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    • Oh yeah, I’ve read both of the SI Easterby features. More than once lol. Like I said, this is a guy I was hearing about 5 years ago or so when the Brady breakup rumors first started as a source of division in the Patriots organization. I thought that was so out of the ordinary for the Patriots to have a guy who wasn’t a coach or an executive whose name kept popping up when describing the growing rift(s) within the organization.    Somehow he got hooked up with McNair and he’s actually had a bunch of different job titles with the Texans, but all indications are that these major decisions are all being influenced by him, and him alone.    The hiring of Culley is definitely curious. The Ravens WR coach. The Ravens aren’t exactly known for having a stellar receiving corps. I talked to a die hard Ravens fan last night about him and he is indifferent to his departure at best. He told me that before coming to Baltimore Culley was in Kansas City in the same role the season the Chiefs went without a WR scoring a TD.    It really feels like this hire, and the Caserio one are because those guys are going to know their roles under him because they’ve bought the snake oil memberships from him.    And you brought up Andre Johnson about the same time I did. He’s been kind of a goodwill ambassador for the Texans in recent years, but even he’s raising the red flags as far as Easterby is concerned.    And you nailed it on Watson. McNair had told him that he would be involved in the process. Right or wrong is for conjecture. But McNair told him that he would be involved. Only to days later start making decisions that were news to Watson when they broke. They literally lied right to his face in real-time. When was the last time a team jerked their legitimate All Pro quarterback around like that? When was the last time a quarterback of Watson’s status went from being the franchise cornerstone at the end of the season to officially requesting a trade less than a month later? (Watson has made it officially official this morning.)   And what has been the one thing constantly mentioned in connection with all of it?   Easterby.    See? It’s an easily fascinating story once you start peeling the layers of the onion away.      The Palcic case is definitely weird, too. When that happened many in the media who worked with her through the years cited her as one of the better PR folks to deal with in the league.   Despite that she was just out of the blue fired one day. Because she was “no longer a cultural fit”. I mean a PR office has a lot of diverse tasks, but I don’t think conforming to a “cultural fit” is one of them. The PR office doesn’t have enough to do with actual football operations to need to fit anything.    Last I heard she was considering legal action over the termination.    It’s just another one of those instances where Easterby’s name comes up, and there’s a negative aura around it. 
    • Yep. Watson would be out of the division and conference, will be nice.   He will prefer SF or WFT over Broncos and Jets, IMO. Unlike SF, WFT's Dan Snyder is crazy enough to give up 3 first rounders while SF might just give the Texans 2 first rounders and Jimmy G in a swap. WFT really has no one to give in a swap.
    • That place is on fire putting it lightly. Everything seems to be stemming from this Easterby guy, seems to have some sort of influence on Mr Mcnair. Lot of people wondering how you go from a religious figure to an NFL advisory role directly into an owners ear.....make your own assumptions the word brainwash is out there haha. The racism thing is real too.
    • Predicted this last night in the Cully thread.   The perfect out come he is traded to SF is and out of conference and Stafford is traded to Colts and is out of conference.  
    • I think SF would be a frontrunner over the Jets for one of Watson's destinations.   Mahomes is a hindrance for the Broncos to go after him or Stafford, IMO. WFT is a dark horse and Dan Snyder is stupid enough to mortgage 3 first rounders and 3 second rounders for Watson, IMO while I feel his market value should settle down at 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders. Jimmy G definitely is slightly better in a swap than Drew Lock as well, IMO.
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